Stress Awareness day

Stress serves a purpose in our biology but our daily lives have brought about a surplus of stress. So the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) established the first Wednesday in November as a day to provide information, coping strategies and how to live with stress
fun facts
Stress is actually a hormonal response from your body, starting in your hypothalamus which sends signals to your nervous system and kidneys. Your kidneys release adrenaline and cortisol
Stress is the number-one heath concern for teens, affecting almost half of the students to a degree that affects their health negatively

History of Stress Awareness day

Stress Awareness day is observed on the 1st Wednesday of November
During this day, take the opportunity to lower stress levels in your life. Examine and find out what your stressors are and take steps to remove or mitigate them – Whether its nutrition, exercise, regular sleep schedule etc., this is the day to take that step.

Toings For Stress Awareness day