Opposite day

This is a day of FUN! Though it might be confusing since you can say the opposite of what you mean. This is a strange day. or is it?
If we say it’s opposite day, isn’t it true that it’s actually not opposite day?!
It’s very confusing
fun facts
There are several words that mean the opposite of what they mean…
such as – Left (meaning remaining or departed)
Off – meaning to deactivate, unless something went off, like your alarm
A contronym is a word that has two meanings, while an antonym is a word with the opposite meaning

History of Opposite day

This day is very popular among children. They can enjoy the absurdities it holds
Since it’s opposite day it famously holds its own paradox – Opposite day cannot exist. If you say it’s opposite day – the rules of the game mean it is NOT opposite day. If you claim it’s not opposite day, then it’s just a normal day – therefore not opposite day
So this is the day that does not exist. Or does it?

Toings For Opposite day