Espresso day

Invented only in 1884, Espresso is the fullest possible manifestation of the coffee bean’s potential.
Angelo Moriondo in Turin, invented the first every espresso machine, which has, since then undergone a few upgrades
fun facts
A single shot of Espresso requires approximately 42 coffee beans
Espresso is the name of the drink we all love to love, but it is also the name of the brewing process that requires high pressure, near boiling water, forced through a compacted, finely ground bean.

History of Espresso day

To celebrate Espresso day, just go to your nearest coffee place and order a strong triple shot espresso. This is the day to get yourself an Espresso Machine if you don’t already have one
And raise your ceramic cup in Honor of the beverage and Angelo Moriondo. Where would we be without him?

Toings For Espresso day