About Us

Who is toing? What is Toing? Why are we toing?

Toing is that little thing inside you that jumps when you want to spread your love, joy and happiness with the people around you
You simply send them a Toing

We all have the right to be happy

Connecting online is so easy, but our communication and connections don’t feel as meaningful and connected. That’s the real challenge We make the challenge simple. As simple as saying “Toing”

Moments that move

If the old saying is correct, and a picture is worth 1000 words, a Toing is worth around 125,000 words. Amazing right?

All talents are equal

There are so many talented creators around us, and we’re happy to showcase their animations and share their talent with the rest of you.

The Team

Shai Adler
Anat Costi
Rafael Zarfati
Alon Blayer-Gat
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