Who We Are

All of us at Toing have a rich history in the worlds of both art and interpersonal communication. We’re passionate about innovation, creativity, technology and most of all, about the effects of human interactions.
We saw the abundance of talent all around us that speaks to different people in different ways. So we decided to build a “stage” for these talents to “perform” on.
We started off with a simple vision: to offer people an easy way to create unique, personalized messages, without endless scrolling through galleries of images. Our ideas evolved into Toing, the ultimate outcome of our R&D efforts
Toing’s mission is to create vibrant, inspiring, visually exciting messaging for personal, business, and commercial uses.
Sending a message online is simple, but MAKING A CONNECTION is a real challenge.
We do it for you. We make it simple.
As simple as saying TOING
Shai Adler
Anat Costi
Rafael Zarfati
Alon Blayer-Gat

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3 Ben-Zakai. Tel Aviv,Israel