Adding emotion to your emails

Toing is a cloud-based service designed to increase the response rates of any brand’s Call-to-Action while deepening its relationship with the consumer
Toing offers smart use of a unique and exclusive art content catalog created by a community of young animators from around the world
Every Toing is an emotional story that adds feeling to marketing messages and easily interfaces with all common messaging platforms

The art. Or rather … the tech

The secret is in the art created by selected talented artists combined with your words using intelligent semantic matching
The Smart Select Engine will generate Toings to complement and power up your messages!
Toings are great for newsletters, mailings, and any other business, personal or social communication
We invite you to explore Toing’s Content AS A Service

Art in Motion

Watch your emails and other messages come alive with skillfully rendered eye-catching 5s animated stories

Higher Conversion

Emotion is key in customer journeys and brand perception. Toing works on the soft side, effectively increasing conversion

Person to Person

Easily create animated messages with a personal touch, and make them unique to you and to your target audience

Smart Select

Toing’s Semantic Matching engine does the selection for you, and finds you the best fit in an instant

Curated Collections

Toing tech offers a wide variety of world-class animation options, easily accessible and fairly priced

Global Community

We’re proud to showcase the work of brilliant artists. Send the Toings they’ve created to anyone, in any language

See It in Action

​​Trying to express exactly what you want to in a way that evokes a response, action, or emotion?
We know how tough that can be. So just give us a line, pick an occasion, and then watch a unique viby Toing story appear before your eyes.
Send or share it with those you wish to address for any purpose within marketing, general business or personal contexts.
Matching Art to Words
Simply write your message and Toing will match it with artwork from our diverse animated collection.
Make it a Gift
Add your Toing wishes to a gift and make that special someone you care for smile even brighter
Say It Socially
When words are not enough, or you can’t find the right ones, let Toing add that extra effect that will make you stand out
Take It to the Market
Boost leads and engagement. Make emails and messages more interesting, personal, and touching—with Toings!

Feast Your Eyes

Who We Are

All of us at Toing have a rich history in the worlds of both art and interpersonal communication. We’re passionate about innovation, creativity, technology and most of all, about the effects of human interactions.
We saw the abundance of talent all around us that speaks to different people in different ways. So we decided to build a “stage” for these talents to “perform” on.
We started off with a simple vision: to offer people an easy way to create unique, personalized messages, without endless scrolling through galleries of images. Our ideas evolved into Toing, the ultimate outcome of our R&D efforts
Toing’s mission is to create vibrant, inspiring, visually exciting messaging for personal, business, and commercial uses.
Sending a message online is simple, but MAKING A CONNECTION is a real challenge.
We do it for you. We make it simple.
As simple as saying TOING
Shai Adler
Anat Costi
Rafael Zarfati
Alon Blayer-Gat

Contact Us

Problems, questions or queries? Send us a message and we’ll be on it right away

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